Welcomed With Open Arms

My name is Kelsey Nix and I am the MTSU student who has been doing my 300-hour internship with the Activities Department over the past few months here at CCRC. I wanted to take the time to sincerely say THANK YOU to the entire staff and to all of the residents here for welcoming me into your home with open arms! My mentors in the Activities Department have taught me so much and I could never thank them enough for their guidance and for the wisdom that they have shared with me during my time here. From each and every department that makes this home what it is, I have learned so much from all of you and I am humbled by your hard work and dedication. Not only have I developed professionally but I have also gained a greater appreciation for what a home truly can be. A home is made up of people who care for, love, and depend on one another, and CCRC is exactly that and I can honestly say I have seen it firsthand. I have met so many inspiring people along the way, and I will never forget my time here. This place is technically called a nursing home but I absolutely see it as a home first and foremost! It is a place filled with people who genuinely love life and who are thankful to be where they are; with the family and friends whom they love. Thank you CCRC for being the wonderful place you are! I promise I will come back to visit often!

Kelsey Nix