Transportation (NET)

NET Service Area:

Rutherford County and
North Bedford County to Heritage Medical Center


Gurney – $100 + $1.14 per mile each way
Wheelchair – $35.00 + $1.14 per mile each way
CNA Chaperone Service – $20.00 hour
Totally Independent – $22.00 + $1.14 per mile each way


Payment for services is required at the time of transport by cash
or good check. If cash, please have exact amount quoted.

Hours of Operation:

6 am – 6 pm M-F

Scheduling Transportation:

Please schedule appointments at least 24-hours in advance. We will confirm your appointment time and give you a quote for services.  The transport will be at your door one hour in advance (or earlier, if need be) to insure your timely arrival. After we arrive at your location, if you are not ready we will wait 15 minutes before leaving.  Family members are welcome to accompany the person being transported, space permitting, or follow to the destination.

Community Care of Rutherford County